Egon Zehnder

Egon Zehnder


Mercu 2, KL Eco City


As human resource consultants, it is vital for the client to have an office space that their clients feel safe and comfortable. As discussions on human resource matters can sometimes be highly sensitive and confidential, a safe and comfortable environment allows for more productive meetings.


With the help of natural wood and stone textures, along with muted neutral colors, we curated an environment in an intimate and comfortable manner, allowing people to feel safe. This ultimately promotes a culture that is candid and honest, giving our client the best chance of accessing the required sensitive information, while providing all parties with a more efficient process and outcome.

To enhance the safe and relaxed mood, we made sure all meeting chairs and sofa seats had extra soft cushions and the backrests to be more angled. As our human physiology and psychology are highly interlinked, a relaxed seating position causes a relaxed body posture. Thereby creating a relaxed mindset.

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